Nii Hylton | More Information

African Artist Nii Hylton from Ghana

Exhibitions and Accomplishments


Ghanatta College of Art & Design, Accra, Ghana - Graphic Design/Painting

Truman State University - Visual Communication

Honors / Awards:

President’s Honorary Scholarship (Academic Excellence Award)

Art Assistance Scholarship (Award for best paintings)

Best Student Art Award (Awarded by Boone County, Kirksville, Missouri, USA 
for best artworks)


Columbia Tribune, USA, September 2007

Guadalajara 2000, Spain, November 2009 (article in Spanish)

Nueva Alcarria, Spain, January 2010

African Colours, Kenya, Website Journal, June 2010

Nueva Alcarria, Spain, June 2011

FAB Magazine, 2012

Solo / Group Exhibitions:

Group art exhibition 2012 - La Galeriá, Guadalajara. Spain

Art Exhibition 2011 - Civico, Guadalajara, Spain - 2011

December 2010 Art Exhibition - Madrid, Spain - 2010

September 2010 Art Exhibition, ArtBar, La Latina, Madrid, Spain - 2010

Painting Exhibition, Gutemburg, Alcalá De Henares, Guadalajara, Spain - 2010

Painting Exhibition, Metropolis Cafe, Guadalajara, Spain - 2009

Painting Exhibition, Bar Amsterdam, Alcala De Henares, Spain - 2009

Painting Exhibition, Bar Amsterdam, Alcala De Henares, Guadalajara, Spain - 2009

Painting Exhibition, Q-Cafe, Seattle, Washington, USA - 2008

Columbia Art League (CAL) Community Exhibition, Columbia, Missouri, USA - 2007-2008

48th Annual Boone County Art Show, Columbia, Missouri, USA - 2007

Art Exhibition, Swarthmore College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - 2007

African paintings, Washington Street Java Co, Kirksville, Missouri, USA - 2006

2005 & 2006 Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival in Kirksville, Missouri, USA - 2006

Private Exhibitions: 

New York, Virginia, Missouri, USA 

London, England 

Madrid, Spain

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