Abdul Badi

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Brooklyn Resident, Abdul Badi, photoshopped
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Paintings of
African People
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Abdul Badi's Biography

We first met African artist Abdul Badi while we were perusing the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn.  His life-size African paintings immediately caught our attention.

When we first spoke with Abdul, his friendly and wise demeanor exemplified the character behind his African paintings.

Abdul Badi's Black African artwork has been awarded in numerous juried art shows. He has sold thousands of his prints and his originals have been fetched by the most discreet seekers and collectors of the best African art.

Abdul offers his African artworks to our website audience in the form of prints, not originals. But they might as well be originals because these prints are equal in quality, except they are smaller in size and more affordable. The prints are created using the museum quality standard of Giclee prints, which means the images are generated from high resolution digital scans, then printed with archival quality ink embedded at each point of the canvas. Giclee prints provide the best color quality and accuracy, better than any other means of reproduction. It rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and paintings made by it can be found at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Chelsea Galleries.

Abdul Badi grew up and still lives in Brooklyn, New York. Since childhood, Abdul has been practicing the arts. He attended Manhattan's High School of Art and Design and later worked as an illustrator for the Marines. Abdul later would further his art career by receiving an art degree from Mercy College in New York.

Painter Abdul Badi shows his love for African culture.Though he paints African figures, Abdul Badi has never traveled to Africa. True African Art asked him, "What do you think it would be like for you if you ever get the chance to go?" Abdul replied, "It would be a dream come true for me. I would love to travel to East Africa where my subject matter comes from."

Of course Abdul Badi's Black African Art is very detailed, clearly and distinctly showing a tribe's characteristics.







Abdul Badi completes a few African paintings of people in a year. "I have many
pieces at various stages of completion just laying around my workspace. I'd like to get those done.  Marketing my work takes up my painting time."

We asked Abdul how he knows the detail of the tribes if he has never seen them in person?" Abudl answered that, as a child, he studied African tribes through National Geographic media."Then I took a lot of courses in school and did a lot more reading on my own. There's something that touches me about the purity and innocence of the tribes that haven't been affected as much by Western culture."


Abdul Badi went on to say that he hopes his art is not perceived just as a decoration but that it gives a significant message of showing Africa "in a positive light."

We also asked Abdul what has been the highest point of his career as an African painter. He said that there hasn't been one instance, "but an aspect that is always a thrill for me is the creative process of making a piece and after that, seeing the reaction of my viewers to it. The appreciation they express of my African art paintings is very worthwhile."

We warmly welcome Abdul as a veteran in the African artists ranking on our website.  From what Abdul has created already, his African paintings will be revered for generations to come. If you would like to own a piece of this history, support Abdul and purchase one of his quality prints at an affordable price right here






African Artist, Abdul Badi. 

See this Artist's Store Page to purchase his canvas prints.
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