Angu Walters

Angu Walters amidst just a few of his original paintings.


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"When Gathinja asked me to write up "biographies" on my paintings, I was taken aback because for my paintings, I don't usually do the talking. People buy my  African art paintings because of their colors. They don't ask for an explanation of the subject, which is really an important & personal part of my work. But alas, I give room to whosoever is liking the piece so they can see & feel the African painting. It's always fun to see a reaction, but with an online forum, there is no "live" aspect, so let me explain my works:"

Mother and Child | African artist Angu Walters

"In this artwork, a mother is comforting her child, perhaps singing a lullaby to make her go to sleep or to stop her from crying. A child is a gift from God as said in the Bible and is one of the greatest things a mother can do for her child, is to feed and comfort her child so that she or he will grow healthy, strong, and loved."

An earlier painting, he paints a relationship between Father and Son.
"Here we can see a father and his son standing together. It's every father's right to take care of his son by providing his needs and encouraging him in every good thing he does, showing him the good things and the facts of life so that he grows up and become a responsible man."

Angu Walters' African painting of a dance.

"Dancing is a pattern of movements that you make with your body following the sound of music. In this African art painting for sale, we can see two friends expressing their joy by dancing. It makes them forget their sorrows and problems in life. We don't only dance when music is playing; we also dance to express our joy even without music." Angu Walters | My Love | True African Art .com

"This painting is all about two lovers who are deeply in love. They are learning how to play one guitar together. We all know that when love is common, there are so many funny things to do. On this piece I am trying to show how you can start with a guitar. Why not learn with your love how to play a guitar so you can play music together forever?!"

Angu Walters shows hope amongst an impoverished city.
"In this African painting, we can see the sunlight overcoming darkness. The sunlight is so warm and pleasant, unlike darkness. The sun shine in my mind makes me to smile due to my victory and successes in life and I believe darkness will never come my way because, the faces in the painting, are my ancestors who will always protect me till the end of time."

Some of the best, now Sold.

"Knowledge is Power"

The Drummer by Angu Walters  |  True African Art .com"The Drummer"

African Art by Angu Walters from the Cameroon  |  True African Art .com"Together in Love"

My Best Friend 2015 | Angu Walters | True African Art .com "My Best Friend"

The Family Album | Angu Walters | True African Art .com"My Family Album"

A classic piece from Angu Walters, Mother and Child."Mother and Child"

Child of Mother | True African Art .com"Child of Mother"

Angu Walters | Cameroon | "Happy Family - 2020" | Original | True African Art .com "Happy Family"