Amakai Felix Quaye

Ghanaian Artist, Amakai
Amakai posing with his first painting on our site, and with our logo!

Ghanaian Contemporary African Artist

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About Amakai Quaye

We started buying from Amakai years ago as his gentle and graceful artwork inspired us and we thought it would have the same impact on you.  And it has!  Amakai's fine works get grabbed up by lucky collectors and we just keep going back to Amakai to buy more paintings!  That's what we do with most artists whose paintings sell out.  So, yes, our "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You" works because of many reasons, part of them being artists like Amakai who keep getting better and sell everything they throw at the public that they have put their heart and soul into, becasue they want our clients to have the best possible artwork.  And those are the artists that we are attracting nowadays after word got out that we were serious.  So we welcome Amakai to our ranks and hope he is with us for years to come!

Amakai attended Ghanatta College of Art and Design from 1998 – 2002. He was awarded the over all best student in his graduating class.

He started teaching in the school shortly after completing and has since been an art tutor at the college for quite some time now.

Besides art, Amakai is also a musician.

Amakai presents his fun African art paintings!

Two beautiful African art paintings by Ghanaian artist, Amakai.

 Ghanaian African artist, Amakai Quaye, poses happily with some more paintings -

At right are samples of Sold artworks from this African Artist, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

See this Artist's original art for sale.

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Some Prints available for Sale:

African Artwork by Amakai
Beauty After the Rain"

Contemporary African Art
"Ghana Ladies"

Musical African Art from Ghana

Xylophonist by Ghanaian painter

Musicians in Africa | Art from Ghana

A stark contrast to his other paintings, Akwele's Box shows this African Artist's range of skill
"Akwele's Box"