Justin Laryea

    Ghanaian African Artist, Justin Laryea

    African artist Justin Laryea surprised us with a sleek application for being on our site several years ago. His artworks immediately caught our attention.  The result was that we bought three of his paintings and received them here in New York two weeks after our initial conversation.  We've purchased from him 3 times since then, thanks to your purchases.  Justin is a man of few words, but his African artwork speaks volumes.

    Justin Laryea is 33 years old in 2019 and comes from the Ga tribe of Ghana, West Africa. Currently, Justin lives in the capital city Accra.  He works as an artist full time.

    About his art, Justin says, “I believe my African paintings are unique and easily appreciated by most people because of the infusion of natural scenes and activities wielded in contemporary African abstract impressionism. My expertise of tint and shades of colors portrays harmony and tranquility so that they exert sincere appeal and considerable attraction for viewers.  They also reassure hope in perplexity, making my works a collection of priceless masterpieces.”
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    Justin Laryea  |  Ghana  |  "Shaking my Gold"  |  True African Art .com
    Shaking my Gold
    Justin Laryea

    20" x 30" (51 x 76 cm)
    Acrylics on Canvas

    Justin Laryea  |  Ghana  |  "A Kiss without Color"  |  True African Art .com
    A Kiss without Color
    Justin Laryea

    20" x 30" (51 x 76 cm)
    Acrylics on Hard Paper

    Justin Laryea  |  Ghana  |  Beauty of Women  |  Original, Available with a Frame
    Justin Laryea  |  Shore Fish  |  Print
    Justin Laryea | Ghana | "Red Beauty of Women"
    Justin Laryea  |  Queen  |  Print  |  True African Art .com
    Justin Laryea  |  Ghana  |  "Doing What I Can"  |  True African Art .com
    Doing What I Can
    Justin Laryea

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