Kowie Theron

South African Artist, Kowie Theron

South African Artist, Kowie Theron

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An emerging South African Artist, Kowie has beautiful African Art for Sale.

Kowie's original African paintings are striking, soft, deep, calm, and involve a great deal of skill. Kowie is and remains self taught. He was born and raised in South Africa and has a profound interest and respect for tribal cultures and in the African continent as a whole.

Exclusive Interview with Kowie Theron

True African Art: Your paintings have a soul to them.  Each figure is deep.  What are you thinking about when you are painting your African tribe members?

Kowie Theron: I feel connected with each of my paintings and especially when I am doing a portrait I try to sense the emotion going with the painting. I will stare for hours or days at a specific image before I decide to paint it. It must “speak” to me and bring a sense of excitement. You can see it in the eyes of the portraits. I also find that I just let myself go and it is as if something else is taking over. I am actually tired after every painting that I finish.

What brand and styles of paint do you use in your art?

When I do portraits or more realistic type of African paintings, I prefer to use oils. I don’t see my paintings as clearly realistic, but rather a more modern impressionistic style.  The use of thick strokes with palette knives makes it slightly different from a realistic approach.  The oils I use is Winsor & Newton or Dala Oils.

Have you always painted - how did you learn?

I always had an interest in art as a young boy and was drawing lots of images as I was growing up. I went to a school that did not have art as a subject, but luckily I have an artistic family and background. So it came naturally and what I know I taught myself. I feel that through self-taught I gained the experience that you cant find in any book or class.

Your tribal figures are from different countries in Africa.  How do you choose your subjects?

Even though I am born and raised in South Africa, I find the different cultural attire from all over Africa fascinating. I like paintstriking images that catch my eye and give it my own feel and interpretation. I like images that have a bit of stylized effects like the tribal headdresses, beads and facial paint. African cultures have a very rich and beautiful style that has been there over the centuries and I really hope that modernisation does not make it extinct. So I don’t really have a preferred country to pick, but I would rather search for something that really inspires me and that I can visualize on a canvas.

Do you have a message in your African artwork or do you leave that up to the observer?

You can see it both ways. I am giving a visual message of both beauty and or emotion that you hardly find in our modern times. But I would like to believe that the observer could also have a certain interpretation when they view my art. I think every person is unique and therefore could see something different. What I try to do is bring a sensory stimulate of warmth, beauty and emotion. I tend to lean towards very colourful blending with emotions in between.

Tell us about using paint knives (truffles).  What other tools do you use in your art?

I discovered paint knives a couple of years ago and realized that it suits my style with the thick impasto paint structures I create. It just makes it so much more alive and gives different dimensions depending on the light.

I do use brushes as well, especially during the beginning of a painting switch over to truffles very soon.

We read that you have a degree in psychology.  Tell us a little about that background and your time in it as a counselor.

I finished my Honours degree through the University of South Africa. While working as a counselor, I gained more insight into the behaviour of different people and the motivation behind it. I believe it gives one a certain better understanding of the human soul.

What do you like to do besides paint?

Believe it or not, but I am sport crazy. I am a so called fitness freak and train and work out about every day. I like the outdoors and if the weather allows it I would easily go for a run along the beach. I find that it clears my head and some of my best inspirations came to me while I was being active.

I also do modelling and this has broadened my artistic horizons a lot and gave me the opportunity to mix with people from different cultures around the world.

What do you hope will become of your art?

Of course it will be great if all of them would sell, but ultimately I just want every piece of artwork that I produce to give a special sentiment and joy to whoever it ends up with.  I would like to be remembered for my specific style and that people one day could recognize my art in a blink of an eye.

As a small business, we have a large audience around the world.   What would you most like them to know about you and your art for sale here on True African Art .com?

I am putting images on canvas with my hands and try and give a certain message or feeling with it. My art comes from my soul and I am very privileged to be able to put that on canvas in visual form. I paint what is beautiful and or emotional to me and would truly hope that the observers find it as such as well.

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Kowie's paintings are on consignment with us, meaning he holds his original paintings with him in South Africa. Upon your order, we will hold your payment from Kowie until his artwork from South Africa has been delivered to your door and you confirm you are happy with it.  Shipping remains Free Worldwide.  After all this is clear, we forward Kowie's pay.   He is in a strict contract with us, part of which entails using an express shipping service that will track and insure your painting until it reaches your doorstep. We have had several successful international transactions from people like you who love Kowie's artwork! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a message at 1.800.789.3241 or e-mail us at info@TrueAfricanArt.com

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