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Here are samples of Sold artworks from these African Artists, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & accessory options. 


See the Artists' original work for sale.

About this Page

Since 2009, we started this page off with about 25 artists from Africa, mostly from Kenya.  But they were the kind of paintings that only stood out on their own, the artists had not made much of a collection of them, or we were not intrigued enough to buy more than one or two.  This may have been due to the skill level of the artist and/or their feasibility in being able to work with us overseas with communication, cultural barriers, etc.

We do a lot of remote work with our staff in Africa and the to and from of paintings and payments.  Since 2012 we have been adding artists routinely, though sparingly, as they go through our curation process against other artists at the same time.  We receive several submissions weekly for artists wanting to be here.

So we have to take the best of the best while remaining loyal to our more popular African artists.  This particular page was made with the emerging artist in mind, for here we have hosted about 45 artists from 12 countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, the Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Cameroon, and Gambia. 

Some of our best works are found here, but getting repeat "hits" from artists just doesn't always happen so for some artists it is a one time deal.

So how do you view paintings we have sold in the past?  Our best are over on our Prints site at Just click the "Many Artist" category on the Prints Site and you'll see some great art prints that are customizable and affordable still for sale - in fact, they often cost much less than the original. 

Kimbo's Batiks

Richard Kimbo says he can make just about any kind of art in his 50 year history of selling original African paintings, but he sells mostly batiks.

What is a batik? The art form itself involves mixing wax and water to make a fabric area, often cotton cloth, layered with wax. The form is not new, having been employed more than 2,000 years ago. 

Where does the word "Batik" come from? Its origin comes from Indonesia, but it can also be found in Japanese as "Ambatk" translated to mean "writing" and "drawing." The Indonesian origin means "a drop" and refers to drops of wax.

Kimbo started selling his batiks in 1969 after learning the skill from Elimo Njau, a teacher at the then Sadler House, now known as the Paa ya Paa Gallery in Kenya.

Kimbo has 7 children, 3 girls and 4 boys. "They are all big now as I am in my older years. I may be young enough to sell art, but old enough to know that I don't know how long I will continue, only God knows."

Sadly, Richard Kimbo passed away in late 2018.  He was near 80 years old.  We want to extend a Thank You to Richard's Family for supporting Richard throughout his career.  No one does Batiks better!


More Paintings available as Prints:

African Art Black and White Pencil Ink African Art

Moses (Nigeria)
"Pluck for Happiness

Wakaba (Kenya)

African Art for Sale Abstract African Art from the Congo
Elizabeth (Nigeria)
"Two as One"
Kuku (The Congo)
"Congolese Face"
 Coast House on the shore of the Indian Ocean in East Africa
Luyeye (Tanzania)
"Coast House"

Here are samples of Sold artworks from these African Artists, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & accessory options. 


See the Artists' original work for sale.

Some Sold Paintings now as Prints:

Stained glass like painting on velvet
Obi (Ghana)
"Rainbow Portrait"

Jane Wanjeri  |  Kenya  |  "Village Chores"  |  True African Art .com
Jane Wanjeri (Kenya)
"Village Chores"

A Sold Richard Kimbo Batik
Richard Kimbo (Kenya)
Batik 1

Kimbo's Batiks
Richard Kimbo (Kenya)
Batik 2

Original African painting from Tanzania
Ninkhambazi (Tanzania)
"Work that Counts"

African Art Paintings for Sale
Wilson Shangala (Kenya)
"Another Place"

African Art from Kenya and several other countries inside Africa
Nana (Kenya)