Jimmy Malinga

    Jimmy Malinga, an artist from Malawi on True African Art .com

    Jimmy Malinga is from the African country of Malawi.  His artist name is G’me.  He has lived in the same area of Malawi his whole life, Lilongwe.

    He started painting at age 11.  He works now full-time as a freelance artist, working on commissions or selling through galleries and exhibitions, for over 20 years.  Alongside this, he is an art curator an event leader for the arts in his area.

    We welcome Jimmy and his talents as the first artist we have hosted from Malawi.  Please feel free to Make an Offer on Jimmy's paintings to support his works.

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    Jimmy Malinga | Malawi | "All You Need" | Original | True African Art .com
    Cooling Off
    Jimmy Malinga | Malawi | "Showing Off" | SOLD | True African Art .com