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African Artist Painter from Kenya, Willie Wamuti
Willie Wamuti with Website Owner, Gathinja.

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Willie Wamuti is probably one of the most potential filled contemporary African artists in Kenya. We say this because he is fairly young and makes a multitude of great African paintings that he markets himself throughout Nairobi, the capital city. 

Willie's African artworks are found in Banana Hill African Art Paintings Gallery, Kenya National Museum, Rahimutulla Museum of Modern Art (RaMoMa) and Kuona Trust Gallery.

Presently age 45, Willie was born in Kiambaa, Kiambu village near Nairobi, Kenya. In 1980 he was in elementary school and by 1988 he attended High School. Around 1992, he entered a Computer College where he studied graphics.

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Gathinja Yamokoski with artists John Ndungu and Willie Wamuti
John Ndungu, Gathinja Yamokoski, and Willie Wamuti

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