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Will Smith in silk thread art by the Yeboah Family.

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A History and Definition of Silk Thread Art

Starting in 1978, a man named Emmanuel started as an originator and artist of a exquisite technique, creating beautiful works of art and eventually becoming a master in his craft.

This artistry he practiced in Ghana was over 100 years old and is believed to only be from inside Africa. The art was so rare and valuable that Kings and Queens of times past wore it as their Royal Kente clothing.

The art technique we speak of is Silk Thread Art, also known as threading. They are not paints on canvas, nor prints. In fact, Silk Thread Art cannot be called paintings of any kind. That’s because there is no paint involved! The method also uses no kind of stitching nor a sewing machine. Instead, the form is done traditionally and the weave done only by hand gives it a quality that machines cannot.  Threading the old fashioned way deems it to be authentic and follows tradition.


So who makes it today and is it actually attainable in modern society?

Meet the Yeboah family: Emmanuel, his wife Gloria, and son’s Enoch and Solomon. They hail from the art filled country of Ghana, West Africa and they are all leaders of the Silk Thread Art Movement.

What is special about the Yeboah family is that they have the uncanny skill to make actual Silk Thread Art from high resolution photographs. They have thus made many custom pieces of individuals, couples and groups like a family. 

Woman Doctor Portrait.  Awesome! Couple custom portrait by Yeb Family Custom Portrait by Yeb Silk Thread Artist
What a single portrait looks like. Custom Couples  - yes, that is John Legend. Family of four Portrait from a photo.

About Gloria

Emmanuel’s wife, Gloria Yeboah also took a different route in establishing her own style of artworks marked by depth & texture using a variety of media mainly thread & fabric. Gloria’s regard for African women & women in general influenced her most popular works that focuses mostly on life stories of women in African societies, their roles & empowerment. She details her works directly with her hands, weaving shapes with thread & cutting fabrics to form the body & clothing of her subjects with authentic African textures & fabrics.

Solomon Yeboah - Silk Thread Artist from Ghana











About Solomon:

Taking the torch from his Father, Solomon started imitating his Father’s work in 1999. Solomon’s pieces contain subjects of nature, children, and abstract cubism. He is a strong minded, articulate, and courteous gentleman who loves what he does and is passionate about the silk thread art’s potential.

How the Yeboah's came to us:

Solomon and his Dad, Emmanuel, reached out to us in June of 2018 asking for their family to be put on our website. After some interviews and negotiating, True African Art is an official representative of Thread Artworks. A contractable agreement with the Yeboah’s to have direct access to just about any kind of thread creation has been sealed. 




Solomon Yeboah at work at silk thread arts.

How is the artwork created?

The most important part for any kind of art is first conceptualizing the piece in the mind as best you can. Then you have to think about how it will come out as a physical product: deciding on the colors, shapes, and the general personality of a custom piece. (Put in Will Smith here) Then, the artist draws an outline of the piece and by hand, takes the long process of coloring the drawing with two strands of looping silk of different shades and colors of actual thread. This is done on canvas or a flexible paper board.  To complete one work, it takes anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the subject and size. The thread is not sourced locally, but imported from other countries outside Ghana.





Silk Thread Artwork

We buy from the Yeboah family on consignment, meaning we collect payment for the art from you and do not release to the artist their portion of your payment until their artwork is in your hands and you approve it. This protects everyone involved, thus we have never had a problem with any of the few artists we share consignment with.
If you need to make payments on any artwork on this website, including these Silk Thread Arts, then we offer that too at 0% interest for up to a year. So we agree on an amount to be paid in monthly payments until the artwork has been paid in full and then it is delivered to you. Again, we’ve done this many times with no problem.



In Closing

So whether you see it on our website or have a high-resolution photo of someone or something that you’d like in your Silk Thread art, go for it! The Yeboah’s can do it!

Custom portrait of silk thread from a photograph
From Photograph to Silk Thread.
Another example of art from a photograph - see the talent!

  How can I get a custom-made Silk Thread artwork? 

1. E-Mail us at a high-resolution photo of anything you want turned into Silk Thread
    artwork. Please also include any colors you would like to be prominent in your art. We’ll confirm your receipt.

2. In a few days, we will send you an outline of the artwork made by the Yeboah’s and your cost of the artwork.
   Depending on the subjects in your photo, these are the preset sizes for the subjects of your choosing:

One Subject equals two choice sizes:
                 24'' x  30"   -  For a photo that contains the waist to the head.

                 26" x 26"   -  For a photo that contains the shoulder to the head.
One subject can also employ the bottom two sizes that are meant for a couple or family.

A Couple -   The best size for this style is 32" x 36"
A Couple can also employ the Family dimensions if you'd like.

A Family
 -    The best size for this style is 36" x 48"

3. If all is well and good, we will send you a secure invoice for your total, which is refundable up to 5 days after
   you physically receive your artwork. Your secure invoice can include Pay Pal. You can also elect to make
   payments on the artwork and you’ll receive it once paid for in full. We hold your funds with us in New York -
   they are not yet sent to the Yeboah’s in Ghana.

4. We will send you a picture of the completed work in about 7-20 days, depending on the design of your artwork.
   During this wait time, if you have any question at all about your artwork, please contact us.

5. Upon your approval of the picture of the silk thread art, the Yeboah’s will send it out to your address via Ghana’s
    EMS postal carrier. As with all the paintings on the site, shipping is included worldwide. Delivery takes about
    1-2 weeks to reach you. We will provide you with a tracking number. The Yeboah’s still do not get their 
     payment yet.

6. Once you physically receive the artwork and approve it, then we send the Yeboah’s their portion of your
     payment. This protects and works for everyone.

Still have questions? Contact us at or call us at +1.914.602.8037 EST 

Solomon Yeboah with his silk thread artwork
Solomon with one of his pieces.

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