"Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You"

"Loyal to Artists" means:

  • We buy our artworks directly from the African artist whenever we can and not from a gallery, so that the artist alone profits.

  • Since we buy most artworks directly, our artists profit immediately and don't have to wait for their painting to sell on our site before getting paid.

  • We pay our artists a fair price for their paintings that most often they set, so they are not exploited.

  • We give most of our artists a substantial, up front, cash deposit for the custom artwork they will make.

  • We give our African artists free, worldwide exposure and promotion through True African Art .com and our Facebook Page.
  • We attempt to keep in touch with most of our artists we know personally.  We don't "Buy and Bye."

  • We are an all African ancestry staff, so that artists deal with someone from their own culture, not one they are not familiar with.

"Loyal to You" means:

  • We want our commitment to you to result in your commitment to us.

  • We thus give you the timely & professional customer service you expect and deserve when you are in any correspondence with us.

  • We sell paintings to you at a fair price by offering a Lowest Price Guarantee on all our Black art paintings.

  • We run a 100% transparent and secure online purchasing process with the choice to process your transaction over the phone..

  • We hold 90% of all our paintings. So your orders from our collection are securely delivered wordwide  by True African Art .com from our location near New York City.  We offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all our unframed paintings.

  • We have established strict, contractual relationships with the artists we work with on consignment so you can count on their reliable delivery.  They also offer Free Worldwide Shipping.

Following Fair Trade Principles

- How it Works -

Africa is sometimes found to be an impoverished continent in many regards. African artists, & other citizens like Kenyans, struggle to find work and when they do, it still is not enough to live a good life. 

With this in mind, we decided the slogan for True African Art .com ought to be "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You."  We chose this motto because it encapsulates the ideals & beliefs that guide our work with you & our artists.  In doing so we are able to build solid and beneficial relationships that provides work to our African artists and follows the Fair Trade Federation's principles.

True African Art is committed to the established Fair Trade Federation principles when we work with our African artists. This transparency means respecting our artists' dignity and talent by paying them directly at prices they most often set, providing up front deposits for their work when appropriate, and a pledge to do repeat business with an artist when their artwork sells. All of this gives our African artists a job to do, money to make, and a better life to live. Best of all, we know most of our artists' personally and we keep in touch with them. Our relationship with them formats the virtues of honesty, good communication, and a serious practice of responsibility so that trust and respect centers between us and is held in high regard for such a international relationship. We are "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You." Read the list above to see what action we put behind this philosophy.

Thank you for trusting True African Art.com  We hope that you have learned a little something about African culture and that you have enjoyed seeing our artists work.  If you have, then go ahead and support them by purchasing a painting or two. Our African Art Store is always open for browsing and our Facebook Page keeps you updated and informed. Through making a purchase, you are supporting the African artsits' families and bettering their quality of life by enabling us to buy more paintings from them.  Plus, you will own a true, original piece of Black African art in your house, office, or to share with someone as a gift.

Again, thank you for your support and interest. Our 85 African artists are passionate about their artwork, excited about our website, and how we are making an impact on African art throughout Africa, the USA, and around the world. Enjoy!

To Learn More About our Website and Staff

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