Simon Muriithi

    Simon Muriithi in Kenya with Website Owner, Gathinja Yamokoski

    Simon Muriithi's paintings are strikingly original, abstract, & highly sought after from collectors around the world.

    Simon Muriithi is an abstract figurative painter from Kenya, East Africa. Website Owner, Gathinja, had the chance to strike a friendship with him during a visit to Kenya in August, 2011. She visited with him again in 2012 and again in 2015. And we refreshed his stock for the third time in August, 2017 offering new, original African paintings.

    The art Simon Muriithi makes are distinctly from his own imagination and view of the world around him. His abstract figures are painted in layers and the backgrounds and subjects sometimes in truffles, detailing the surroundings in vibrant color and unique patterns.

    A professional painter, Simon's artworks are sought after around the world. Through this exposure, Simon's personality and ego are kept intact as he seems to ignore the value and popularity of his paintings. This is a good trait for him, because it allows him to remain true to his artwork, not painting for the masses, but for his own expression. Only when the art is released to the public does the praise come in, and Simon accepts it then with humility and no star struck attitude.

    One has to see Simon's paintings in person to appreciate all of their rich detail. Contact us for additional photographs of Simon's artworks including close ups and different angles.

    Click here to view an exclusive interview with Simon Muriithi and see some of his sold artworks.
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    Simon Muriithi  -  "Moon Walk 2"  -  True African
    Moon Walk 2
    Simon Muriithi
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    9.5" x 11" (24 x 28 cm)
    Oils on Canvas