Richie Adusu

    Richie Adusu is from Ghana and expresses many forms of art, including painting and music.

    Richie Adusu creates a style he calls "Circlism" originating from "Cubism." 

    He was born in the early 1980's and after High School, attended Ghanatta College of Art and Design whereupon he obtained a degree in Painting.

    Richie believes painting plays a role in humanity & hopes he can touch many hearts with his brush & paint.  His works have been collected locally in Ghana and around the world.

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    Rice Adusu | Ghana | "Church Swag" | Original | True African Art .com  Edit alt text
    Church Swag
    Richie Adusu
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    27" x 20" (69 x 51 cm)
    Acrylics on Canvas


    Rice Adusu | Ghana |  "My Scarf"  | Original | True African Art .com
    My Scarf
    Richie Adusu

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    Rice Adusu  |  Ghana  |  "Dancing with the Wind"  |  Original  |  True African Art .com
    Dancing with the Wind
    Richie Adusu

    For Viewing

    Richy Adusu  |  Ghana  |  "Dimension"  |  Print
    Richy Adusu  |  Ghana  |  "Listening"  |  Print
    Richy Adusu  |  Wonder |  Print  |  True African Art .com
    Richard Adusu | Ghana | "My Night Out" | True African Art .com