Tanzanian Artist, Majeshi

From Tanzania, Majeshi is well known throughout Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.  His paintings invoke movement through color and lines.

We asked Majeshi about his African paintings unique style of paper thin figures who bend. He responded by telling us that he has a friend who is a welder. "Whenever I went to his workshop, I saw him flattening things. I tried doing the welding myself and I succeeded. I loved the style and thus made my figures in my African art paintings thin, like they were welded. It was a fascinating discovery for my contemporary African art."

Like many of our new African artists, Majeshi is overflowing with a talent in art, even in his early forties.  But not only in Black African artwork, Majeshi also excels in computer graphic design, theatre, poetry, and interior design. These talents lead him to be active in several extra curricular activities and workshops involving African painting, charity groups for homeless children, plus environmental and service activities. 

Read more about Majeshi here and see some of his Sold African paintings.

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