Kimbo's Batiks

Richard Kimbo with staff member, Michael KivindyoWe have bought from Kimbo five times since 2016.  He makes

unique, original Batiks that feature common marketplaces and villages.

What is a batik? The art form involves mixing wax and water to make a fabric area, often cotton cloth, layered with wax. The form is not new, having been employed more than 2,000 years ago.

Kimbo's batiks include a master's work of deep colors, rich detail and a dramatic style. It is not the common commercial batiks one may see. Indeed, Kimbo's batiks are, like his years in practice, well beyond those of other batik artists.

A veteran in his field of creating Batiks, Richard Kimbo has carved himself a legacy in Nairobi, Kenya, where he lives.  Your owning a piece of his helps us go back to Kimbo to buy more Batiks.

True African Art wishes Richard Kimbo continued success and look forward to repeatedly supporting his art form for as long as he creates it.

Pictured:  Batik Artist Richard Kimbo with our Art Consultant, Michael Kivindyo, in Nairobi Kenya.

Read More about Kimbo, his Batiks and see some of his Sold artworks.

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