James Nii Addo

James Nii Addo photoshopped this picture with our old logo.

James wrote to us some years back from Ghana, West Africa, asking to be on the website. Like so many artists before him, we asked to see pictures of his paintings and conducted a phone interview with him. James became an excellent communicator and his art was stunning! 

Being that his first stock sold, we went back to James three times in 2017 to buy more, new African paintings from him, including a medium size sequel to "Lullaby."

Fast forward to 2019 and James is still painting some of his best works yet!  Currently, in August, 2020, we are sold out of James' originals.  We hope to gain more of them before year's end.

We also feature prints of James Nii Addo's African paintings whose originals have sold from our site at one point or another.

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