Albert Lizah

African Artist Albert Lizah with Website Owner, Gathinja Yamokoski

Most of Albert's artworks are 5" x 7" (13 x 18 cm).  We carry his Originals, often made with authentic Maasai cloth and watercolors on Card Paper.  We also sell prints of some of the best of Albert's Sold works. 

We have sold close to 300 of his original works since 2009, buying from him multiple times which supported his lifestyle and family.

LATE NOVEMBER, 2020 UPDATE:  As of July, 2020 we were sold out of Albert Lizah's original paintings.  He made 30 new paintings for us and they are with us now.  Albert's Prints have moved to the Print Section of our Menu.

JANUARY, 2021:  We are sad to write that Albert Lizah has passed away.  He is gone too soon at such a young age for an adult.  We will miss Albert and his beautiful creations.  A good portion of the profits from Albert's original and Print paintings will continuously go back to Albert's family so that his art still makes an impact and he is remembered.  Please support Albert's creations.

Read Albert's Biography here and see more sold Art.

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