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Daniel Njoroge

African Wildlife Artist, Daniel Njoroge, with Gathinja Yamokoski, Website Owner

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Daniel Njoroge: In his own Words

"In painting you need to be someone who knows how to study the surrounding environment. If you want to succeed in giving details then you have to be a person who sees what other people don't see. Portraying details means that you have to be patient so that you can finish the project."

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"The elephant is a lone animal. When he is in the bush, no one intimidates the elephant."

"The Lion King...among the cats, he is the most powerful one. Maybe he was sleeping and heard a bush noise and here he is up, wanting to investigate what is happening around me... Animals are very alert to what is around them..."

"This giraffe painting depicts the colors found in Samburu. Samburu is a very nice area when colors come into consideration. This is the reticulated giraffe, a very special giraffe which is only found in Samburu. I am showing the peaceful, serene atmosphere where the giraffe is comfortable munching the thorns of the thorn trees. The reticulated giraffe is one of the most beautiful giraffes we can find in the world."

"The Rhino is either ready to either charge or go away...he will decide. When there is danger to him he will charge, if there is no danger to him and he is approached by another animal he will just run away."

"Here is the bull, protecting the territory and here he is sniffing, asking, 'Who is interferring with my domain?' What I am trying to display with the buffalo is the green landscape. Buffaloes like eating green things. Buffaloes are very strong. They are one of the most furious animals in the wild especially when there is a calf... they will protect the calf and the territory.

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Some Sold Original Paintings:

"The Protective Elephant"

"African Gazelle"

"The Lion King"

"Reticulated Giraffe"

"The Lone Rhino"

"The Mighty Buffalo"
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