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Amakai Felix Quaye

Ghanaian Contemporary African Artist

Amakai poses next to our photoshopped Logo and his "Unity" painting.

Here are samples of available prints from this African Artist, available in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

About Amakai Quaye

Amakai attended Ghanatta College of Art and Design from 1998 – 2002. He was awarded the over all best student in his graduating class. He started teaching at the College shortly after completing. He wanted to focus on his own art. Amakai Quaye joined True African Art shortly after his teaching job.

His paintings sell out quickly as they are in demand. Amakai gets better and better with each batch of paintings he creates. We want our clients to have some of the best African art. We hope to gain more art from Amakai in early 2024. He is now 44 years old.

Amakai presents his fun African art paintings!

Amakai with the last two paintings that sold on our website.
We hope to gain more art from Amakai in 2024.

Some Prints available for Sale:

"Beauty After the Rain"

"Ghana Ladies"




"Akwele's Box"

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